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1. Y Como Le Hare 2. No Me Canso De Tu Amor 3. Pa Todo El Ano 4. El Rey 5. Pajarillo De La Montana 6. Tu Vestido Blanco 7. Un Cielo 8. Popurri: Viejo El Viento - Dos Gats 9. Tu Traicion 10. Nunca La Olvidare

*Listen to Hacienda Radio Networks at: - Recorded at: Latin World  Studio by Tino Seanz, Additional Mastering at Hacienda Records by Rick Garcia.  Hacienda Records - 1236 S. Staples - Corpus Christi, Texas  78404.

George A. Martinez Jr., Vocals, Accordion - George A. Martinez Sr., Vocals, Animador, Bass - David Martinez, Bajo Sexto - Eric Rodriguez, Drums - Guest Musician, Luciano Soto Jr. (Drums)

Photos by: Sayla Lopez, Sponsors:  Nelda Martinez, Sandra y Horine, Teofilo Alaniz III, Israel Lopez, {Tejano Rush}.

First of all we would like to Thank God for this CD, as well as all our Family and Friends.  Also, to all the Clubs and Fiesta Concerts we have played at, to all the radio DJ's and Program Directors, and not forgetting our Guest,  "Thanks for keeping our music on the Air Waves".  To our Road Crew who puts up with us, Anthony Martinez III., Ricky Martinez and Teofilo Alaniz III.  To our guys who us look good on stage.  To our record label Hacienda Records for believing in us.

This CD is dedicated to the Memory of my Brother-in-law whom I will never forget, my Idol Ricky Martinez.  We have you Chief, Angie Martinez who keeps Conjunto Inizzio's Books on the go, and last but not least, the New Martinez addition "Alizayah Martinez.  De parte de la Familia Martinez & Conjunto Inizzio.

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1. El Pintor  2. Tengo Miedo  3. Descalzo a Laredo  4. Arepentate  5. Margarita  6. Un Monton De Carino  7. Wasted Days and Wasted Nights  8. Acavame De Matar  9. Te He Prometido  10. Frijolitos Pintos  11. Hace un Ano  12. Quiero Vivir

*Note: 2010 Iron String Records -

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