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History of The Tejano Rush Internet Exposure

Back in the year 1995, "Tejano Rush" decided to Expose via the Internet, Our Music Genre which is The Tejano Music and Entertainment (Actually, we started in 1992 but not in full force).  We want the whole world to know about our Tejano Culture.  Our intentions are to promote  Our Unique Tejano Music all over the World but mainly in the State of California. 

Early in 1992 we saw that there was a need to establish a Tejano Web-Site so that "Tejanos" (Texans) in the State of California could see and read what was happening concerning Tejano Music, Events, Hall Dances, etc, etc.  We created our first Home Page and we called it "The West Coast H.O.T. News" page.  Our Page was Co-Hosted by Mr. Luis V. owner of "Heavy Onda Tejana" Web-Site who at that time Mr. Luis lived in Fresno, California.  Thou, Our Actions were to Support and Promote Our Music & Entertainment and Expose Our Culture and Msuic in the surrounding Area of Los Angeles and also, all over Southern California, in which the Internet was a great tool to make it happen.!

Then a couple of years later... Anna H. owner of "TejanoWeb" web-site,  a 16 years old High School student from the state of Idaho became interested in what we were doing and gave us the opportunity on her Web-Site to open Our Own Home Page and that we called it The "Tejanos en California" page. Once these two Home Pages "West Coast H.O.T. News" and "Tejanos en California" were active and running, we may say that we had more Internet Exposure concerning our Tejano Music.  

But then a few years later, Mr. Luis V. owner of "Heavy Onda Tejana" had to go off the Internet because of change of business and "West Coast H.O.T. News" page was history.  But never the less, "Tejanos en California" Page continued it's course and lasted for another year.   Unfortunately, because Miss Anna H. was going  into college after she graduated from high school, she had to quit her TejanoWeb Web-Site.  But let me tell you... She deserves  special Credit for giving us the opportunity to be on her web-site.  She sure loved the Tejano Music and helped us spread the word about Tejano Music in the State of Utah and Idaho.!  

Then in March 1995 came a Tejano Web-Site very well known and that is doing its share in Promoting Tejano Music.  Mr. Abel Hernandez, owner of "La Onda Net", web-site from San Antonio, Texas.  www.ondanet.com We can say that this Site is still active and going strong today.  Tejano Journal at "La Onda Net" web-site www.ondanet.com is a must to get into if you want to know what is happening in the State of Texas. 

Another well known Tejano Web-Site was The "Tejano Village", owned by Tony Sanchez, this Web-Site was based in San Jose, California.  But I believe this Web-Site is no longer active now. Remember "La Cantina" Chat Room.?  Geee, those were the good old days.! Tejano Music was the main topic we all chatted about and at the same time communicating about when and where the Tejano Dances were occuring.  There were other Tejano Web-Sites but these Sites were my daily viewing Sites that I enjoy visiting at that time.!

The Name of "Tejano Rush" Web-Site, (Tejano meaning Texan) Own by Israel and David Lopez, was established early in January 1995 and was Active in full force. But, three year before this time..., we were just learning all the Ins & Outs about computers and at  the same time we were having a hard time designing Home Pages starting from scratch.  We knew very little about the do's and don'ts'. Let me tell you, this was not a easy task to grab. I learned the hard way.  I spend hours and hours learning the basic of HTML Codes, Creating Url Links, Linking the Pages and Setting up E-mail Accounts.  There were times that I just wanted to quit but I never Gave-up.!  Instead I took a Computer Class in the Summer at the R.O.P. in a nearby Town.  Done this, I was more at ease.!  Now what I needed to do was to put into practice what I had learned.  David and I felt that a Tejano Web-Site would be of benefit to all the Tejano Music Lovers in the State of California so we came up with the name Tejano Rush web-Site.

The idea for establishing "Tejano Rush" was to have Texas Artists/Singers, Bands and/or Groups Rushing into California with their Unique Tejano Music.!  We can call it California Music Rush.!  Just like the O.S.T.  Remember The Old Spanish Trail, we now can call it The T.M.T. = Tejano Music Trial.!   The Idea of Conveying Tejano Music all along the (O.S.T.) Old Spanish Trail. 

But, let me tell you, in 1995 there were no Active Tejano Web-Sites in California that I knew of.  So, we figure that someone had to let the  people in California know of what was happening concerning Tejano Music & Entertainment and so we went into high gear with Tejano Rush.   I give Thanks to my Son David for being very supportive and financially helpful in accomplishing what we've become today. So, here we are, committed to perform a Special Mission. To keep Our Unique Tejano Music alive.!  To Keep a Good Communication Relationship among Tejano Music Lovers and Tejano Artists.!  We will continue in our Mission as long as God is Willing.!  God Bless toda La Raza.  Que Viva La Musica Tejana.!

 Years Later: After six years of hard work in making it happen by supporting and promoting the Tejano Music, the word was out about Tejano Rush.!  We were communicating with people in different States. Tejano Rush Web-Site has become to be known in the state of Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idado, Illinois, Nevada, Colorado, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, and Of Course Texas. We would like to say, Thank you, specially to all our viewers from these States mentioned above.!

And as of Today, Tejano Rush is known in Michagan, New York, Virginia, North & South Carolina, Florida, Oklahoma, Hawaaii, including the Country of France, Spain and our neighboring State Mexico, especially Monterey, Nuevo Leon, MexicoOrale Raza, Que Viva La Colonia De San Nicolas De Los Garza and also Guanajuato, and Mexico City D.F., Mexico.!  One Time I received an E-mail from someone in Argentina and another one from Japan wanting to know what is Tejano Music all about.  Thanks to all who are in our E-mailing List.!!   I really appreciate your communications.!  We give Thanks to our neighbor Country of Mexico for supporting Our Tejano Music.!  Log on to "Tejano Power" Net to Listen = www.tejanopower.net 

Texas Artists/Singers (Tejano Bands)  Have Performed in Hawaii, Mexico, Japan, France, Spain, Iraq and Neighboring Countries as Well.  We Are Getting To Be Known Little by Little, Jus Give us Time.!

Tejano Music And Culture: If you are interested in joining Tejano Rush or wanting to learn more about our Tejano Culture, Please don't hesitate to drop us a few lines.  E-mail us at = TejanoRush@yahoo.com  . . . . . . . We would like to hear from you with your intentions, suggestions and/or creative ideas.!  We hope that you will enjoy viewing the rest of Our Tejano Rush's pages. Thank You.! 

P.S... This Page was Up-Dated in the begining of the Year 2017.  Enjoy and Look at Other Pages as Well.

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